Economy Hair Thinning Scissors

Vivistar International is a manufacturer and exporters of Quality Professional Thinning Scissors, Thinning Shears, Texturing Shears, Texturing Blenders. We use Japanese Stainless Steel 420 J2. All scissors are Convex Edge, Hollow Ground. Whether you cut hair that is wet or dry, fine or coarse, straight or curly, our Thinning Shears are designed for you.

Vivistar International is proudly brought together with the finest materials to produce top performing Economic Thinning Scissors with Single Blade Teeth & Double Blade Teeth, designed for smooth snag free cutting. Razor Edgeremains sharp for long time. Light weight and super sharp perfect for salon and heavy duty use. Rubber Silencer for Quiet operation. Finger Rest for comfortable cutting along Honed Edges for optimum performance. Rubberized Finger Insert for anti slip and comfort grip. We also offer Thinning scissor with Distinctive Teeth Design which means that the moment the hair is cut; it instantly pushes away the remaining hair. As a stylist this allows you to remove weight Quickly & Easily.

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